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Customer Service


        We have developed our Agency along one basic premise "service to our Clients." Our aim is to become "partners in progress" projecting your philosophy while maintaining a strong collection attitude.


Just ask our Clients

"I have tried several collection agencies and remain with Gragil as the only Agency I prefer."

"I personally have found the staff at your office very professional, helpful and friendly. Your office has been like an extension of our billing office."

"It is typical for referrals to collection agencies to generate patient complaints about the tactics outside agencies might use to collect from debtors. I can honestly say that in 18 years we have never received a complaint involving Gragil Associates."

Gragil's advanced system technology enables us to provide our Clients with a wide variety of reports. We provide our Clients with the information and feedback they need to effectively manage their accounts receivable. Gragil's Client Representatives ensure a smooth transfer of information between the Client and Agency.

* Monthly Summary Reports
* Client Accounting Reports
* Client Trust Accounting
* Xentis Report Writer
* Placements via e-mail, cd, ftp or vpn
* Client Representatives
* Fully Licensed and Bonded